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Frequently Asked Questions
How does UserSurge work?
UserSurge tracks data from your user's browser, and sends it to us to manage and organize to help you understand your users.

Does UserSurge slow down my website?
UserSurge does not affect the speed of your website as it relies on asyncronous javascript which doesn't affect the load time of your page.

What platforms are supported?
UserSurge works on over 99.6% of browsers so virtually ever user will be recorded and their data made available to you.

How accurate is the data in my dashboard?
The data show in the dashboard is collected in real-time and loading straight from our database. Anything shown there is exactly what we collected from your website.

My website isn't collecting any data?
This most likely means you did not implement our code correctly, send us an email or give us a call and we can walk you through it!

How do I collect data on a different website?
We've made it easy to track data and sort through it on each separate domain you control. Simply click your domain on the left of the dashboard, type in the new domain, and click Add Domain. If you have added our code to that website, you will automatically collect that data as well.

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